USA Today analyst Danny Sheridan is known for making early projections on college football odds and betting lines. He unveiled his early projection for the College Football Playoff field to close the 2021 season during an appearance on Thursday on “The Paul Finebaum Show.”

Sheridan has Alabama winning the SEC West, and he also pegged Georgia to win the East.

“They’re loaded,” Sheridan said of the Bulldogs. “The most important to me is when you have a good defense, offensive line, et cetera, quarterback. Right now Georgia probably has the better quarterback (than Alabama). Potential with (Bryce) Young versus (JT) Daniels, I don’t know what the potential would be long-range, but Georgia’s loaded, Paul.”

For the Playoff, Sheridan pegged Alabama, “because of the way they dominate the conference, because of how well they’re coached, because of their players,” and he added ACC heavyweight Clemson to the mix.

“I don’t see how Clemson loses an ACC game,” he said. “It’s like playing a little bit better than Vanderbilt.”

Sheridan also included Ohio State, which, “totally dominates their conference.”

The fourth team in the CFP? Sheridan said Georgia.

“If Georgia doesn’t win this year, Paul, you can forget it, they’re not going to win for a long time,” he said. “By win, I mean get to the final four.”