Darren Rovell and the Action Network have spent much of the summer ranking various topics, and this week, college football fan bases took their turn.

Some of the reveals were surprising to Rovell, who explained them in a Periscope video, and others were fairly predictable. Though Rovell was surprised about Tennessee because he figured the Vols perceived lack of relevance would play a factor. He mistakenly didn’t realize the Vols had nine wins as recently as 2016. He figured it was 2003.

Rovell said the most votes “by a mile” was Ohio State, while he ticked down the list. The Buckeyes had three times as many votes as the Fighting Irish. Here’s the list:

1. Ohio State
2. Notre Dame
3. Alabama
4. Tennessee
5. Georgia
6. Michigan
7. Penn State

“The bad thing about being an Ohio State fan is you lose one game and it’s over,” Rovell said. “… It seems like there’s something wrong with the Big Ten.”

He added that he was surprised UCF didn’t make it because of all of its recent bluster about being included in the national championship picture.

He also added that the Miami Hurricanes and Oklahoma Sooners didn’t get many votes.