The 2020 season is going to be a unique one, as the Power 5 conferences are playing varying numbers of games.

How will you compare a 10-game SEC schedule to an 8-game Big Ten schedule to an 11-game ACC schedule, etc.?

That’s going to be especially relevant when it comes to the College Football Playoff, as the selection committee will have to come up with ways to find the top 4 teams. On Saturday’s edition of College GameDay, analyst David Pollack said this is the perfect year to expand the field:

“So, the committee’s job is already hard enough, right?” Pollack says. “It’s already very difficult, very subjective. Why don’t we expand the playoffs this year? This is the perfect year to take this and expand it. We might only get so much body of work. So let’s go to 6, let’s go to 8.”

Will the Playoff look at expansion for a 1-year trial run? The willingness hasn’t been there as of yet, but things can change in a hurry in 2020.