If the SEC decides to expand beyond 16 teams (assuming the league votes to add Texas and Oklahoma), David Pollack believes one program makes more sense than any other.

The former Georgia All-American and current ESPN college football analyst believes that Clemson and the SEC would be a perfect match.

Here is what Pollack had to say during a recent appearance on ESPN’s College Football Live.

“ACC, what do you do? Again, you’re not in a position of power. You don’t have a huge league that everybody’s looking to get a bunch of members of,” Pollack said on the show. “So, I think that, again, Clemson — just like the Big 12. It was very much focused on what OU and Texas wanted. ACC, it’s like, ‘Clemson, please don’t leave me, bro. Like, stay as long as you can and then, maybe bring a spot for me if I need to.’

“But I don’t see how it doesn’t make the most sense for them to plug into the SEC… They’re right there in the south, they’re right there in the powerhouse, they’re recruiting just fine against everybody else. My God, it seems to make a lot of sense that the ACC or Clemson will join the SEC.”

While this appears to be pure speculation, don’t anticipate these discussions slowing down anytime soon.