Some FCS conferences are making the tough choice to move to a spring football season amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

No Power 5 conferences have followed suit yet, so it looks as if the FCS level might have spring football to itself this coming spring semester.

Could that become a permanent thing? ESPN’s David Pollack wondered if it would be a good idea during a special on ESPN on Tuesday night:

“How about the FCS be spring football from now on?” he asks. “I would love to see that more than anything. You talk about the NFL, Joey, but not as many of those guys will be worried about going to the NFL and skipping time. How about you give me spring football? Not just this next year, but from now on.”

The problem, of course, comes with the NFL Draft. If it is held every April, FCS players who have a chance of being drafted likely wouldn’t want to play before going to the draft.