HBCU head coaches typically don’t make a lot of national headlines, but Deion Sanders has made a splash in his first week on the job at Jackson State. Sanders has already landed a transfer from Mississippi State and extended scholarship offers to top SEC recruits.

On Saturday, Sanders was a guest on FOX’s “Big Noon Kickoff” pregame show. He was highly complimentary of the show’s analysts.

“I want a coach like an Urban Meyer, I need a quarterback like a Matt Leinart and I need an all-purpose guy like a Reggie Bush. Let’s just start right there,” Sanders said.

Sanders decided to ask Meyere himself about coaching.

“When are you coming back?” Sanders asked. “And whoever you don’t sign, I want them.”

“I’ll come with you if you let me call the plays,” Meyer replied.

“Unfortunately at an HBCU our budget don’t consist of what you’re used to,” Sanders said.

It was worth a shot, Coach Prime.

H/T Matt Fortuna, The Athletic