Deion Sanders is not only leading the Jackson State football program, he’s trying to change the sport of college football as we know it for HBCUs (which stands for historically black colleges and universities).

Raising the profile of HBCU’s was likely a goal of Sanders once he took over the Jackson State program, as he likely could have easily accepted an assistant coaching job at a major university before agreeing to take over the Tigers program.

Now, before he’s ever coached a game for Jackson State, Sanders is calling for bowl games to give more access to HBCU programs.

Currently, the Celebration Bowl — held annually in Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium between the champions of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) and the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) — is the only bowl game featuring HBCU programs.

During a recent appearance on the HBCU Gameday show, Sanders called for that to change.

“Why not? Why do we keep accepting spam when we could get a steak? Why in the world would we do that,” Sanders asked. “And then I get upset of the simple-mindedness of people saying, ‘Well, we already have a bowl.’ Yeah, that’s for two teams. Only two teams so what about all the teams that have winning records? What bowl do they get to go to? None!

“So you mean to tell me you could go 9-2, whatever you going to end up and you don’t get to go to a bowl game because you’re not a champion? I just seen a bowl game with a college team the won two dern games this year. Made me mad, got me hot. Hot! Why can’t that be us?”