Deion Sanders has built Jackson State into one of the top FCS football programs in the country.

But, as realignment dominates the headlines around college football once again this offseason, many programs are wondering what the future holds for them.

On Saturday, Sanders joined SportsCenter to discuss realignment, saying we need to start calling it what it is:

“You call it realignment, but you can really call it chasing the bag,” Sanders said around the 2-minute mark of the above video. “That’s all they’re doing — they’re chasing the bag. Everything with realignment, I’m trying to put it nicely here, but they’re trying to get money, man. Everybody’s trying to align themselves up properly so their program can prosper. I don’t mind that. I want ours to prosper as well.”

Sanders and the Tigers will compete in the SWAC at the FCS level this fall. Does the future hold something different for Jackson State?