Desmond Howard continued to level strong criticism against the College Football Playoff committee on ESPN.

Howard had already said that he didn’t think Alabama (7-1) should have been No. 2 ahead of No. 3 Michigan State, which is 8-0 during a broadcast of College Football Live on Friday. That message was consistent on Saturday.

“Having Alabama ranked No. 2, that shows SEC bias,” Howard said on College GameDay.

While Howard certainly has a point, there could also be some bias in his coverage. Howard was a star player for Michigan, which is in the Big Ten along with Michigan State.

Here is what Howard said about Alabama on College Football Live on Friday: “I can’t say that I see them as the No. 2 team in the nation right now. When that came up Tuesday night, I was like ‘Whoa, Alabama.’ So you guys just lost to Texas A&M, to a backup quarterback? But the crazy thing is .. how Gary Barta made it seem like it wasn’t even a thought, like they didn’t even blink. Of course it’s Alabama — who else could it be?”

Gary Barta is the College Football Playoff committee chairman. He is currently the athletic director at Iowa, which is in the Big Ten along with the Spartans and Wolverines.