Many people rank the possible College Football Playoff teams by how they think they’ll end up at the end of the season. But ESPN analyst Desmond Howard offered a different twist to the ongoing debate in a video he labeled “As The Season Turns,” and framed it as if he were the commissioner of college football.

If he could end the season today, Howard said the matchups would be Ohio State against Georgia, and Alabama against Oklahoma.

“This way, we get to see Justin Fields play against his former team, the Georgia Bulldogs,” Howard said, “and Jalen Hurts play against his former team, the Tide. Best storyline in all of college football, baby.”

Since those players and programs continue to talk about one another and make headlines even without being opponents, there would be no shortage of attention on those storylines, if they actually came true.

Howard also weighed in on the “wide open” Heisman Trophy race, and noted LSU QB Joe Burrow, Wisconsin RB Jonathan Taylor and Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa.