Desmond Howard weighed in on some of the biggest talking points heading into conference championship weekend on Friday.

The analyst gave his thoughts on whether Florida State should make the Playoff if it beats Louisville on Saturday, even without its starting quarterback.

For Howard, the answer is a no-brainer.

“Zero question in my mind,” Howard said on Get Up Friday morning. “As a player, you have to give these guys what they’ve earned at that point. At that point, if they’ve been able to run the table and they’re conference champions, I don’t care if they don’t have their best player or not. We’ve seen the same scenario with Ohio State when they lost their quarterback.”

He also gave his thoughts on what to do with the Pac-12 Championship winner. If Washington wins, it will be undefeated, but Oregon wins it will only have one loss — to Washington a few weeks ago.

For Howard, he believes the Pac-12 has been the most competitive conference this season, and he says the winner of the conference should be rewarded.

“The SEC as a conference this year has been the Pac-12, meaning they’ve been the most competitive conference from top to bottom this whole college football season,” Howard said. “So because they’re coming from the most competitive conference, I believe that they should be in the college football playoff, hands down.”