Lane Kiffin and Mike Leach are both known to have some fun on Twitter. And it appears their audiences certainly enjoy it. There’s even the data to back it up.

Although the SEC season didn’t get started until Sept. 26, Kiffin and Leach dominated the social media world last month. According to SkullSparks, no college football coaches generated more interactions to their tweets in September than Kiffin (193,000) and Leach (141,000). And that’s impressive, considering Ole Miss and Mississippi State were barely in action that month.

No other college football coach had more than 51,000 interactions, a number held by Penn State’s James Franklin.

Kiffin has consistently provided funny tweets over recent years, and that didn’t stop in September. In fact, just earlier this week, he made a joke about Ole Miss’ offense helping a walk-on player at Arkansas earn a scholarship.

Meanwhile, Leach has no problem hopping on Twitter the night before a big game. Prior to Mississippi State’s matchup against Texas A&M last week, he shared a funny Halloween-themed prank meme.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Kiffin and Leach continue to lead these Twitter metrics, because it seems like they are showing no signs of slowing down with their social media content. And fans around the SEC (and all of college football) shouldn’t want it any other way.