The Division I Council made some changes to the transfer rules for post graduate students, which were announced Wednesday.

Student-athletes who will enroll at another school after graduating are now allowed to enter the Transfer Portal at any time, meaning the rules that forced student athletes to enter the transfer portal during a certain window, enacted on Aug. 31, do not apply to postgraduate players.

The rule does not exempt student athletes from the implications that come with transferring, but they are exempt from having to transfer only during a sport-specific window.

“The college application process occurs earlier in the year for graduate students, and today’s vote provides immediate relief for college students who are interested in pursuing graduate programs at other schools next year while competing in their given sports,” said Lynda Tealer, vice chair of the Division I Council and executive associate athletics director at Florida, via the NCAA. “The Council will continue to evaluate this issue and consider more permanent modifications to rules related to postgraduate participation.”

The new rules go into effect immediately.