As SEC teams wrap up spring practice, given our collective attention spans – or lack thereof – the natural progression moves toward realignment. It happens every year about this time. No more spring football to discuss, so let’s talk slicing and dicing of the conference.

Auburn to the East is the current hot topic. It’s not new, just current.

Tigers coach Gus Malzahn suggested that there could be future discussion about Auburn moving to the East, balancing out the conference geographically with Missouri bouncing to the West, where it belonged from the outset.

Sports Illustrated’s Andy Staples is on board.

Malzahn suggested future discussion; he isn’t actively pursuing such a move – not just yet anyway, according to a Tweet from ESPN’s Chris Lowe.

But an Auburn move to the SEC East makes perfect sense … for Auburn.

The Tigers would be instant contenders in the weaker of the two divisions. Auburn-Georgia, Auburn-Tennessee and Auburn-Florida yearly matchups would be epic. And the Tigers would be licking their chops at the prospect of filling up on Kentucky, Vanderbilt and South Carolina on a yearly basis.

They don’t have that luxury now in the SEC West. Plus, they wouldn’t have Iron Bowl rivals Alabama to concern themselves with, outside of the game itself.

Speaking of the Iron Bowl, it’s a rivalry that still could be continued should the SEC make such a move, a move that Staples is an advocate of.

However, with the current format each team is allowed only one permanent opponent from the other division, meaning that if Alabama and Auburn played each year as inter-division opponents then the Alabama-Tennessee yearly duel would be scrubbed.

What would the Tide and Vols do with themselves on the third Saturday in October?

That’s just one important factor that would have to be hashed out before any serious talks were to take place. And so far, it would appear by the Tweet from Auburn beat reporter Brandon Marcello, none have.