Dr. Anthony Fauci has long warned against having large crowds at any event because of COVID-19, and there were no bigger events in the last week than packed college football stadiums around the country.

During an appearance on CNN Tuesday morning, Fauci, the chief medical adviser on COVID-19 to President Biden, gave his perspective on crowds currently gathering. The SEC saw large crowds throughout the conference last weekend.

“I don’t think it’s smart,” Fauci said of college football stadiums. “Outdoors is always better than indoors, but even when you have such a congregate setting of people close together – first, you should be vaccinated. And when you do have congregate settings, particularly indoors, you should be wearing a mask.”

Fauci said the country is still in “outbreak mode” because there are 160,000 cases per day, and so the issue has not yet shifted from a pandemic. Fauci predicted more local mandates, from colleges to stadiums, to allow people to participate in the event.

H/T Mediaite.