The Dr. Pepper Halftime Challenge has been a tradition throughout college football each year through championship weekend.

On Saturday, during the SEC Championship, things took a bit of an unusual turn.

Kayla Gibson, from the University of St. Augustine, and Reagan Whitaker, from Baylor University, were each hoping to win $100,000 toward their tuition. And, after the 30 seconds were up, the 2 competitors were tied.

That meant another 15 seconds were put on the clock, with the contestant in the lead in the end winning 100 grand. Only, that ended up in a tie as well, but due to a tiebreaker that was decided on Friday (instead of another round), Reagan Whitaker was declared the winner.

That announcement from CBS’s Jenny Dell was met by loud boos from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium crowd. Granted, you can see Dr. Pepper’s reasoning since there was a limited window during the halftime break. Still, it was quite a letdown, especially with the tiebreaker being determined a day ago.