One of the strangest endings to a bowl game we’ve ever seen occurred Thursday evening in the Quick Lane Bowl as Eastern Michigan was attempting a last-minute game-winning drive before the team’s quarterback started throwing punches at Pitt players on the field.

Incredibly, one of his blows even clipped an official.

You have to wonder what in the world Mike Glass was thinking at this moment as any chance Eastern Michigan had to win the game was lost the first time the quarterback threw a punch, which results in an immediate penalty and ejection.

Pitt ended up winning the game 34-30.

As you can see below, Glass’s first blow wasn’t even against a Pitt defender that came into contact with him. The second punch was the one that came into contact with the referee.

Check out the strange exchange below:

Interestingly enough, it almost appears like the official flopped following the contact.

The clip is even better in Spanish:

That ending is going to be tough to top this bowl season.