Drey Trosclair has made the Ascension Catholic High Bulldogs a force in the Louisiana 1A football world, leading the team to two-straight state title games.

However, he was forced to resign this week after a spat with school administration over sideline passes for program boosters for the recent state title game (which Ascension lost).

Per The Advocate, that wasn’t the only weird thing to happen to Trosclair this year, as he was also forced to sign an agreement in which he promised not to run up the score on other teams:

The ex-head coach said Thursday night the school administration forced him to resign Wednesday morning over allegations of insubordination in connection with field passes for the state championship game Dec. 6 in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Trosclair said the disagreement came after the administration had forced him earlier in the football season to sign a contract promising not to run up the score on other teams and to try to keep games within 14 points.

In another ridiculous twist, Trosclair wasn’t allowed to address his players before leaving, so he left a message for them on the whiteboard in the locker room:

“This morning, I was forced to resign as your head coach. It was one of the worst experiences of my life and I hate that I had no say in it. But life isn’t fair. And this brings adversity into my life and into yours,” the message said. “How you deal with the adversity makes you the men that you are and the men that you will become.”

Trosclair compiled a 23-5 record the past two seasons before being let go by the administration.