The latest edition of ESPN The Magazine hit news stands and the college football preview listed from top-to-bottom where each SEC team would finish in 2016.

The magazine predicts Alabama won’t win another SEC Championship this season, finishing second to LSU in the SEC West. The magazine also predicts Tennessee to win the SEC East.

Here’s their take:

East Division

No. 1 Tennessee
No. 2 Georgia
No. 3 Florida
No. 4 South Carolina
No. 5 Missouri
No. 6 Kentucky
No. 7 Vanderbilt

West Division

No. 1 LSU
No. 2 Alabama
No. 3 Ole Miss
No. 4 Texas A&M
No. 5 Mississippi State
No. 6 Auburn
No. 7 Arkansas

SEC Title Game

LSU over Tennessee

SEC Players of the Year

Offense: Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly

Defense: Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett

According to ESPN it looks like Tennessee will also have its shot at an SEC Championship as well, which would be the team’s first since 1998 and the East Division’s first since 2008.

[H/T CollegeSpun]