After going back to a more traditional version of SportsCenter in the 6 p.m. Eastern time slot, ESPN is doubling down on its flagship program.

Now, according to a release from the Worldwide Leader, new program “High Noon” is being moved to the 4 p.m. slot (reduced from an hour to 30 minutes) and SportsCenter will return to the noon slot.

In the release, ESPN said the “High Noon” program would be better in the 4 p.m. slot, and added that SportsCenter is experiencing a real resurgence:

“We really like what we have with Bomani, Pablo, and HIGH NOON,” said Norby Williamson, ESPN Executive Vice President, Production and Executive Editor. “This move will provide a better time slot for HIGH NOON, grouping shows of similar genre in a strong, two-hour block.

“Additionally, SportsCenter is healthy and thriving. We are excited to return this successful franchise into the noon window.”

Burke Magnus, ESPN Executive Vice President, Programming and Scheduling, added, “Our research suggests that from a total day perspective, these changes will best serve sports fans and optimize the ESPN schedule.”

Additionally, Sports Nation has been canceled, with the last episode scheduled to run on Friday, Aug. 24. The other changes will begin on Sept. 11.

What do you think of these major shifts in ESPN’s programming?