Terrible news to report Friday as longtime ESPN college football reporter Holly Rowe recently announced her cancer has not only returned but has spread.

In an AP report, Rowe confirmed the news but did admit doing her job was the best thing for her right now, as it takes her mind off her melanoma.

“I don’t think about having cancer when I’m out here,” Rowe said according to the AP. “Monday, I have a CAT scan and have treatment. I’ll be a cancer patient on Monday. I’m not thinking about it today.”

During the recent round of public ESPN layoffs, Rowe was understandably concerned that her job with the company would be coming to an end. Fortunately for Rowe, her job is not only safe, she’s been given a contract extension by the worldwide leader in sports.

“I was really grateful because my contract was up in April,” she said. “It would have been so easy for me to be one of those people. For me to have health insurance right now will save my life financially. This is helping me in my recovery. If this had been taken away, it would have been really hard for me.”

Rowe has been with ESPN since 1998. Before landing her full-time role with the company, she worked for ABC Sports from 1995-1996 after graduating from the University of Utah. Rowe was recently honored by the Cancer Support Community with their Founders Award for Empowerment. Former Vice President Joe Biden presented her with the award.

Coincidently, May happens to be melanoma awareness month. The fact was not lost on Rowe, as she used the opportunity to spread advice to the younger generation.

“When in doubt, check it out and cover up. There’s no suntan in the world worth what I’m going through right now,” she said. “Wear long sleeves and cover up.”