As the Big Ten returns to action this week, there will be some narrowing of the field for the College Football Playoff. But barring a major upset, there seem to be about three consensus picks among ESPN reporters who have weighed in on the projections by this point in the season.

Of the 15 reporters surveyed, every one of them picked Alabama and Clemson to reach the Playoff, and 13 of the 15 included Ohio State in that group. The Buckeyes will finally get to prove their spot in the rankings next weekend when they host Nebraska. The fourth team? That’s a bit more murky.

Georgia only received eight of the 15 votes to make the final four, and BYU had 4/15. Five other teams received a vote, including Texas A&M. Alabam’s 41-24 win over Georgia widened the gap.

“Georgia losing did open up a spot in some of our writers’ picks, and we now have the widest range of teams we’ve had all season,” ESPN shared.

Georgia’s loss, factoring in that the game dramatically changed in the second half, likely means that the Bulldogs remain a team on the bubble, and for now, the No. 4 team.

“Yes, the Bulldogs lost by 17 points, but they also held the lead at half against Nick Saban’s squad and still land in over half of our writers’ picks again this week,” ESPN wrote.  “With the big win in the season’s biggest game to this point, Alabama once again lands on everyone’s list this week, and that will likely be the case all season unless the Crimson Tide are upset in any upcoming games.”