Entering Week 7 the SEC had four undefeated teams. It’s now down to two, a pair of SEC West titans. Every week, ESPN shares an updated Top 25 power rankings which is released ahead of the major polls. ESPN writers Chris Low and Mark Schlabach has shown to be more liberal with shaking up the rankings than the Associated Press Top 25 voters. So while not necessarily a preview of the new polls, the ESPN power rankings still offer an interesting comparison.

Here’s where the SEC teams stand in the latest ESPN Power Rankings:

  • No. 1 LSU (6-0)
  • No. 3 Alabama (6-0)
  • No. 8 Florida (5-1)
  • No. 10 Georgia (5-1)
  • No. 12 Auburn (5-1)
  • No. 23 Missouri (5-1)

Heading into the LSU-Florida game, there was plenty of chatter about ranking the winner No. 1 in the country, so Schlabach’s new ranking of the Tigers shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Alabama was Schlabach’s previous No. 1. It’s interesting to see that kept an Ohio State team that was off in Week 7 at No. 2 instead of sliding the Crimson Tide down the one spot. We can expect a lot of debate about how Florida, Georgia and Auburn should be sorted as one-loss teams. With Missouri now in first place of the SEC East, it’s clearly time to start ranking the Tigers.

Schlabach’s full power rankings are available here.