ESPN’s FPI has updated the College Football Playoff odds after the Week 5 slate. There weren’t that many upsets this week, but there was definitely some movement in the latest AP Poll as a result. The FPI formula has also been adjusted by bumping or raising several teams after a wild weekend.

While the 10 teams most likely to make the Playoffs may not be surprising, the order probably will be. Here are the top 10 teams in order of Playoff odds:

  • Ohio State — 54.5%
  • Oklahoma — 52.7%
  • Texas — 49.5%
  • Oregon — 40.0%
  • Penn State — 32.6%
  • Georgia — 30.0%
  • Florida State — 27.5%
  • Alabama — 26.7%
  • Washington — 21.0%
  • Michigan — 20.7%

While that is the picture the FPI paints for the Playoff, Georgia remains the betting favorite in the national championship odds to win the title and complete a 3-peat in Athens. Michigan and Texas are also high on those odds.

USC dropped out after their 48-41 win against Colorado, and Washington dropped 1 spot after a closer-than-expected win against Arizona. Oregon moved up 2 spots to 4, and Alabama moved up a spot as Michigan moved to No. 10.

Georgia and Alabama are the only 2 SEC teams to be in the top 10. However, if this was next year, future SEC teams Oklahoma and Texas are currently the 2nd and 3rd most likely teams to make the playoffs.

With conference play just now getting underway, teams will have plenty of opportunities to move up or down in this list. The only other SEC team with a 4% or higher chance to make the Playoff is the Ole Miss Rebels.