Predictions are hard at this point in the season, but ESPN’s Mark Schlabach took a crack at determining 2017’s best team on Monday. And the results may leave some SEC fans scratching their heads.

While the ranking does include five SEC teams, it would appear that the media’s tendency to give the benefit of the doubt to the league may be experiencing some attrition. Only two teams, perennial contender Alabama and rival Auburn, make the Top 10.

Surprisingly, Ohio State is ranked No. 1, and Florida State is ranked No. 2, both of which are ranked ahead of Alabama. The particulars of this matchup — Alabama vs. FSU — will get sorted out pretty early, however, as the Tide play the Seminoles in Atlanta on Sept. 2 to kick off the college football season.

The SEC’s other four entrants into the early Top 25 are no strangers to the spotlight, as Auburn checks in at No. 10, closely followed by LSU and Georgia at Nos. 12 and 13 respectively. Florida rounds out the list at No. 21 as it takes the field in defense of their SEC East title.

Gator fans may have a bit of a chip on their shoulders if this list rings true, however, as they are the fourth place team from the state of Florida. FSU, Miami, and yes, USF, make the ranking before Florida, despite a strong season last year.

The full Top 25 list:

1. Ohio State
2. Florida State
3. Alabama
4. USC
5. Penn State
6. Oklahoma State
7. Clemson
8. Oklahoma
9. Washington
10. Auburn
11. Wisconsin
12. LSU
13. Georgia
14. Michigan
15. Miami
16. Stanford
17. Louisville
18. Kansas State
19. USF
20. West Virginia
21. Florida
22. Virginia Tech
23. Texas
24. Boise State
25. Washington State