Based on ESPN’s SP+, the Auburn-Florida showdown will live up to the hype.

The Bill Connelly invented formula predicts the Gators will edge the Tigers by a field goal this Saturday. If that happens, Florida would have a strong chance to moving up into the Top 6 or 7 in the AP Top 25, and Auburn wouldn’t be finished yet in the College Football Playoffs race.

Here are the rest of ESPN’s SP+ SEC predictions for Week 6:

  • LSU 40, Utah State 18
  • Missouri 42, Troy 18
  • Georgia 36, Tennessee 16
  • Ole Miss 35, Vanderbilt 26

The full list of all the college football games predicted by the ESPN SP+ this weekend can be found here.

According to ESPN, SP+ is a “tempo and opponent-adjusted measure of college football efficiency.” SP+ is intended to be predictive and forward-facing, measuring the most sustainable and predictable aspects of football.