Beer and football: that’s what the SEC does!

Whether it’s drinking in moderation or getting a little sloppy before and/or after football games, it’s a part of the South on fall Saturdays. But which beer is every SEC state’s favorite? There can only be one, you know.

Thankfully, Young Conservatives recently produced the most likely beer sold on every menu in the USA. We hone in on the SEC states’ favorite beer:


The website also broke down the percentage of bars and restaurants that have the beer:

  • Alabama, Bud Light: 57%
  • Arkansas, Diamond Bear Pale Ale: 75%
  • Florida, Bud Light: 52%
  • Georgia, Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale: 52%
  • Kentucky, Bell’s Oberon: 30%
  • Louisiana, Bud Light: 83%
  • Mississippi, Abita Select Amber: 64%
  • Missouri, Bud Light: 67%
  • South Carolina, Yuengling Lager: 63%
  • Tennessee, Coors Light: 47%
  • Texas, Bud Light: 47%

It’s safe to say Bud Light dominates the South, according to the website. Of the 11 SEC states, Bud Light is the favorite in five of them.

You can read the entire article here.