LSU sports information director Michael Bonnette tweeted a cool stat that LSU and UCLA are the only programs in America that have produced a No. 1 overall pick in the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball drafts.

Joe Burrow is expected to add to LSU’s football haul tonight. The Cincinnati Bengals reportedly have already told Burrow that they are taking him No. 1 overall.

At any rate, Bonnette’s tweet led us to wonder about the other SEC teams. Here, then, is a list of each SEC program’s highest draft pick in the 3 major sports. If a team has had multiple picks at the highest position, we listed the most recent.

NFL Draft
NBA Draft
MLB Draft
Joe Namath No. 1
Antonio McDyess No. 2
Joe Vitiello No. 7
Lamar McHan No. 2
Sidney Moncrief No. 5
Jeff King No. 1
Cam Newton No. 1
Chris Morris No. 4
Casey Mize No. 1
Paul Duhart No. 2
Neal Walk No. 2
Mike Zunino No. 3
Matthew Stafford No. 1
Dominique Wilkins No. 3
Jeff Pyburn No. 5
Tim Couch No. 1
Anthony Davis No. 1
Chad Green No. 8
JaMarcus Russell No. 1
Ben Simmons No. 1
Ben McDonald No. 1
Miss. State
Johnny Cooks No. 2
Bailey Howell No. 2
Will Clark No. 2
Justin Smith No. 4
Steve Stipanovich No. 2
Aaron Crow No. 1
Ole Miss
Eli Manning No. 1
Gerald Glass No. 20
Drew Pomeranz No. 5
South Carolina
Jadeveon Clowney No. 1
Tom Riker No. 8
Drew Meyer No. 10
Peyton Manning No. 1
Tom Boerwinkle No. 4
Nick Senzel No. 2
Texas A&M
Myles Garrett No. 1
Acie Law No. 11
Jeff Granger No. 5
Billy Wade No. 1
Clyde Lee No. 3
Dansby Swanson No. 1