With a 48-6 record dating back to the 2012 season, the Alabama senior class won three SEC Championships and contributed to the 2012 national championship team.

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for this group of guys,” coach Nick Saban said. “They’ve had a lot of success here. Probably a little different circumstance than some of the other teams. The expectation has always been greater for them, and they haven’t always been able to finish like we wanted to, but they’ve shown a lot of resilience and leadership this year to have a chance to create an opportunity for themselves if they can finish this year.”

Georgia’s mark also brings reminders of the “Dream Team” recruiting class with this year’s seniors the last remaining members of that group. In a lot of ways, the class was a microcosm of the Mark Richt era. Six of its members made the NFL, and the class played in two SEC championship games. Yet it also absorbed 13 losses — more than twice Alabama’s total.

One interesting statistical comparison: Tennessee and Vanderbilt have the same number of wins over that time, but seem headed in opposite directions entering 2016.

Meanwhile, Bret Bielema and Mark Stoops at the helm of programs at the bottom of the list are looking to turn the corner in different ways — Arkansas to rise into the elite of the SEC West, and Kentucky to make a bowl game.

Four-year win totals across the SEC:

Alabama-48 (6 losses)
Georgia-39 (13)
LSU-36 (14)
Mississippi State-33 (18)
Missouri-33 (19)
Ole Miss-33 (18)
Florida-32 (18)
South Carolina-32 (19)
Texas A&M-30 (20)
Auburn-29 (22)
Tennessee-25 (24)
Vanderbilt-25 (25)
Arkansas-21 (28)
Kentucky-14 (34)