Current Florida State coach Willie Taggart and the previous coaching staff are being blasted by the ex-girlfriend of Josh Ball, a Seminoles player who was dismissed from the team after being found responsible for dating violence which came with a Title IX suspension, but has reportedly been invited to re-enroll at FSU and rejoin the Seminoles. Ball was not formally charged with any crimes, but the school conducted a Title IX investigation of the student’s accusations and found Ball responsible.

The Athletic reported Tuesday that Ball could re-enroll at Florida State and be back with the Seminoles in January. The news prompted a statement from his ex-girlfriend, blasting current coach Willie Taggart as well as the previous coaching staff (though Jimbo Fisher himself is not mentioned by name in the statement).

“I would like to ask that all reporters to stop contacting me. I would also appreciate if you didn’t use my name in any story. I am trying to put this behind me. But I will not be silenced or intimidated by this repeat sexual and physical abuser. His reprehensible behavior is public record. For Willie Taggert [sic] to even consider bringing him back on campus is a physical threat to me and any other woman at FSU. He’s been given multiple chances and was enabled by the previous coaching staff who even conspired to cover up his behavior and blame me. Trust me when I say FSU does not want to reopen this wound.

I am a huge FSU football fan and always have been. I want the best for the team. I know Willie Taggert [sic] has a daughter and I also know all too well he would not want this animal around her. He can recruit better players and much better human beings. I will have no further comment.”

Ball was a freshman in 2017, Fisher’s last season with the Noles. He started the final nine games of FSU’s season on the offensive line.