With legalized gambling set to arrive this summer in select states, thanks to the Supreme Court, online sportsbook Bet Online has wisely capitalized on the recent news and published an expanded set of Week 1 spreads for the upcoming college football season.

Three SEC teams (South Carolina, Kentucky, and Vanderbilt) now have publicly listed Week 1 lines for the first time. The only SEC teams without point spreads available at this time for Week 1 are Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi State, Missouri, and Texas A&M. The reason those teams don’t have spreads is due to the fact they are all playing FCS foes Week 1. Those games do not typically feature widely released point spreads.

You can check out the entire slate of expanded Week 1 point spread from Bet Online here.

These three games did not have widely released point spreads until now:

  • South Carolina -31½ vs. Coastal Carolina
  • Vanderbilt -6 vs. MTSU
  • Kentucky -20 vs. Central Michigan

Lines for these five games involving SEC teams have been out for some time but have been updated:

  • Ole Miss -1½ vs. Texas Tech (in Houston)
  • Auburn -3½ vs. Washington (in Atlanta)
  • West Virginia -7 vs. Tennessee (in Charlotte)
  • Alabama -28½ vs. Louisville (in Orlando)
  • Miami -3 vs. LSU (in Arlington)