College athletic commissioners gathered recently in Irving, Texas for the annual College Football Playoff meeting. Any fans hoping for expansion to eight teams probably shouldn’t hold their breath.

After a season in which only three conferences were represented in the four CFP spots and one of the schools shutout has vocally claimed its own national championship, it appears the playoff will stick to its mission of picking the four best teams.

CFP executive director Bill Hancock acknowledged to USA Today’s George Schroeder that turnover on the 13-member selection committee could lead to changes in which teams make the Playoff, but the framework will not change.

“But the base protocol,” Hancock told Schroeder, “remains the same.”

In fact, at the annual meeting, expansion was literally a laughing matter. Schroeder’s article describes other conference commissioners threatening to text Big Ten commissioner Jim Delaney, who was absent, “Hey, we’re talking about going to eight teams — wonder what you think?” as a prank.

The CFP, which has been in place for four seasons, has had its share of controversies, particularly over teams that did not win their conference championship earning a spot in the final four. Despite those controversies, Hancock sees the CFP as largely successful.

“[People] are very happy with the way things are going,” Hancock said. “I can’t say it any more plainer. It’s been a good four years.”