The latest call for the return of EA Sports’ NCAA Football franchise comes from within the gaming industry.

Todd Howard, director of the smash hit Fallout 4, spoke recently at the 2016 DICE summit, an annual conference for gaming executives. According to, he made a public plea to EA Sports to bring back the game NCAA Football:

“NCAA Football was one of my favorite games; they don’t make it anymore,” Howard said. “While I’m here, EA, can you make NCAA Football again, please? That game honestly was important to me. I would play and win the national championship, recruit my team–the pride I felt in doing it. I felt good during the day if I won and I felt bad if I lost. to the computer. Now they don’t make it anymore and there’s a hole in my life.”

Howard joins rapper Snoop Dogg and ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit as celebrities who have campaigned for the return of the game, which was last issued for the 2013 football season. Herbstreit made headlines recently for calling out Ed O’Bannon, who filed the player likeness lawsuit that led to the end of future releases of the game.

While Howard’s wish is unlikely to lead to an immediate change, he may get further than Herbstreit and others due to his industry status and connections.