College basketball officiating is not revered for its excellency, to put it nicely.

And for those watching the top 15 matchup between Alabama and Arkansas, it’s hard not to notice the officials’ impact on the game thus far at Bud Walton Arena. Both Arkansas head coach Eric Musselman and Alabama coach Nate Oats have said something to the officials at some point, but fans from both sides are roasting them online Wednesday night.

The game has gone Alabama’s way so far. The visiting Crimson Tide hold a 2-point lead with just under 5 minutes remaining. The Razorbacks have had to get plenty from their bench, and in total 5 players from either squad has at least 4 fouls, including Noah Clowney, Charles Bediako, Anthony Black. Makhi Mitchell fouled out with over 5 minutes remaining.

And fans are really letting the officials have it as tis one heads down to the wire.