The annual Florida-Georgia game is one of the SEC’s biggest events each football season. Two powerhouse football programs meeting along the river on the neutral site in Jacksonville, Fla., in late October means quite often the football stakes are high and the festivities surrounding the game are even higher.

While geographically it might seem like the Florida fans have an advantage, don’t feel bad for the Georgia football team as their loyal fans show up just as well as the Florida fans even if it means driving a couple extra hours.

The 50/50 crowd present all weekend for the party and for the game is one of the greatest aspects of this unique weekend. 50% Georgia fans. 50% Florida fans. 100% party.

Of course the nickname of the rivalry itself has gone through multiple iterations. Reportedly coined the “World’s Largest Cocktail Party” as early as the 1950’s by a local reporter, officials have attempted to move away from the nickname in recent years.

This season, the game has been promoted as the “River City Showdown.”

Refer to the game that way to fans, however, and you’re likely to receive a response of confusion or an eye roll.

Regardless of how they game is referred to on a television broadcast or in official marketing material, the entire Florida-Georgia weekend is one of the biggest parties in all of college football.

It’s no surprise that our friends at Bud Light are bringing the ultimate tailgate to the Florida-Georgia game this Saturday.

For those of us that have done the Florida-Georgia experience multiple times, hanging out at the Bud Light Down South Tailgate is a new wrinkle on a fantastic weekend. The Bud Light Tailgate is an excellent pregame spot (or watch party if you’re not going into the game). Plenty of TVs, games, swag and cold Bud Light.

I’m in.

No, really. I’m in. The Saturday Down South team will be onsite hanging with our friends at Bud Light getting ready for the big SEC East showdown.

Hit up the Jacksonville Landing on Friday night, but on Saturday, hang out with Bud Light Down South.

We’ll be passing out some Florida and Georgia decals as well. First come, first serve!
Oh, yeah. It’s a party all weekend, but be sure to drink responsibly.