Following Florida’s 40-14 rout against Missouri, an image began to make its way around social media and stirred up some emotions among LSU fans.

The photo depicted a pair of Gators players holding what is now being referred to as the “Halloween Cat,” which is a skeletal cat with purple and gold beads.

This, of course, angered some of the LSU faithful, who believed it was done in regards to the recent passing of Mike VI, the team’s mascot who recently succumbed to cancer.

On Sunday, the Gators’ official football Twitter account stated that the figure did not belong to anyone within the program and was thrown onto the field by a fan after the game. Another tweet by Reddit’s college football account seems to confirm this claim.

Before this incident, tensions between the two schools had already risen after lengthy discussions to reschedule the Florida-LSU game for Nov. 19. When the Gators and the Tigers meet on the field, it is sure to be intense.