Seemingly everyone on social media is marveling at the fact that a thrown shoe cost Florida a chance at the College Football Playoff. Dan Mullen was roasted for suggesting that the Gators could still get in as two-loss SEC champions. But, hey 2020 being 2020, what if he was on to something?

It’s probably about as likely as winning the Powerball and being struck by lightning on the same day, but a college football reporter shared a wild “Playoff Armageddon” scenario involving multiple upsets that would have a two-loss Florida as a possible CFP team.

Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports shared that “CFP Armageddon” would be a Florida win over Alabama, Notre Dame win over Clemson, Tennessee win over Texas A&M and Northwestern win over Ohio State. Dodd assumes the undefeated Irish and one-loss Crimson Tide have claimed two spots, leaving two-loss Florida as a potential candidate along with fellow conference champs Cincinnati, USC, Northwestern and Coastal Carolina plua two-loss Clemson and one-loss Ohio State as at-large options.

While fun for a post-CFB Sunday on Twitter, the selection committee probably isn’t stressing over the remote possibility of the four necessary upsets happening.