After the Super Bowl last Sunday night, I somberly tweeted a meme from the SDS account about how sad I was that the football season was “officially over.” Shortly after the official account of the Birmingham Iron, one of the 8 new AAF teams, tweeted back, “Hey SDS, want to enjoy more Saturday’s Down South with us this season?” and included a list of the 5 former SEC schools from which 23 players on their roster were from.

That’s right 23 former players on their roster alone. And, not just average players, former starters, All-Conference players and SEC record-holders. Like a lot of SEC fans, I enjoy basketball season, but a majority of the Spring and Summer months are spent pining for football.

The AAF starts Saturday with 2 games, followed by 2 more Sunday, and unlike other offseason football leagues, this league should produce an actual familiar and quality product on the field. The field dimensions will be the same, Vince McMahon won’t be involved, and a large amount of the players will be from your favorite conference: the SEC.

Of the 8 teams that make up the AAF, there are 73 players from all 14 teams in the Southeastern Conference. You’ll get to see former 5-stars, former Heisman finalists, and one coach with a penchant for the passing game and visors. Steve Spurrier, Zach Mettenberger, Trent Richardson, Trevor Knight, Zac Stacy, and a certain DB/Kick-6 returner (Chris Davis) will all be on the sidelines this Spring. Below is a list of the total SEC roster players for each AAF team and from each SEC school.

AAF Teams

SEC players in the AAF

  • Alabama (11)
  • Arkansas (4)
  • Auburn (5)
  • Florida (7)
  • Georgia (4)
  • Kentucky (1)
  • LSU (9)
  • Ole Miss (5)
  • Mississippi State (4)
  • Missouri (2)
  • South Carolina (4)
  • Tennessee (7)
  • Texas A&M (8)
  • Vanderbilt (2)

For the 73 former SEC players the league will hopefully prove to be more of a minor league football system rather than an offseason novelty. Only time will tell, but it should be a fun season of AAF football regardless!

Cover photo via @TheAAF