Many have wanted to see the College Football Playoff expand to include more teams. Now, a former member of the selection committee is on board.

Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez, who was an inaugural member of the CFP selection committee and served from 2014-16, told CBS Sports that he would like to see the playoff expand to six teams. Alvarez’s proposed format would include the top two teams receiving byes and a guaranteed spot for the Group of Five champion.

If that format had been in place last season, then UCF, which was 12-0 at the time of CFP selection but didn’t make it in, would have earned a spot.

“There are probably six teams that can win,” Alvarez told CBS Sports. “Some of those schools — that have years like that — should have a chance. They could fit it in. I’m thinking more open-minded to six, personally. I never thought we’d want to.”

If Alvarez’s proposed system would have been in place, Clemson and Oklahoma would have been the top two seeds and received byes. Georgia would have likely been the No. 3 seed playing No. 6 UCF, and No. 4 Alabama would have played No. 5 Ohio State.

CFP executive director Bill Hancock has stated in the past that he believes the four-team playoff works and that there are no immediate plans to expand.

According to CBS Sports, the CFP management committee can’t begin discussing a larger field until 2023, three years before the current contract expires.