UCF regularly makes its case to be mentioned among the elite teams of college football.

The Golden Knights last year had those arguments at full throat when they went 13-0 and beat Auburn in the Peach Bowl. This year, they have kept up, but the results aren’t as strong. Case in point: UCF narrowly escaped Memphis on Saturday.

Former Florida QB Luke Del Rio responded to UCF Athletics Director Danny White who used part of his argument to explain that UCF is the fastest-growing university and city in the country.

“You had to stage a huge comeback to beat an unranked Memphis team, and your schedule is a joke,” Del Rio tweeted. “No one cares how fast your city is growing either.”

To his point, Memphis led 20-7, and then 30-14 before the Golden Knights came back. Memphis, interestingly, has the best record of teams on UCF’s schedule.