Major Wright was part of the Florida football program from 2007 to 2009. For 2 of his years there, the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach was Dan Mullen, who eventually departed to become the head coach at Mississippi State following the 2008 season.

So, naturally, the firing of Mullen as Gators head coach on Sunday hit close to home for Wright. A year removed from winning the SEC East, the program is without a head coach and is forced to hit the restart button once again as it seeks supremacy in the conference.

“Honestly, man, I’m a little disappointed,” Wright said on SiriusXM on Monday. “I’m a little disappointed with us firing Dan [because] I think we didn’t give him enough time. It seems like every 3 years we expect for something to happen ASAP, ASAP. In order for anything to be successful, it has to grow…it has to develop. We’ve got to believe…

”Everybody’s so quick to [say], ‘Oh, we’re not doing good, oh, let’s get rid of, oh, let’s do this,’ but does that solve anything? Because now we don’t have a coach. So now, where do we go? We start back at 0.”

As Wright alluded to, Mullen was the 5th man to helm the program in the 20 years since Steve Spurrier resigned after the 2001 season. All but 1 were fired, with Urban Meyer resigning after the 2010 season after having won a pair of championships in Gainesville.