It’s safe to say former Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray is a big fan of California passing the ‘Fair Play to Pay Act.’ During an interview on College Sports Sirius XM radio on Monday, Murray called the new law “perfect” for college athletics.

“It’s the Olympic model, and I think it’s perfect,” Murray said. “If you aren’t getting paid, and you’re not asked to do commercials, then go work harder. Go do better. Go be better. Then maybe you will.

“It’s just like anything else in life, you’re not going to get a job if you’re mediocre. You’re going to get a job if you’re excelling in that field. If someone’s out there, if Tua (Tagovailoa) is out there throwing six touchdowns a game, then he’s going to be the one car dealerships that are going to want.”

Murray brought up another interesting point. This new model could motivate players to perform even better.

“Hopefully this makes guys want to work a little harder too to start getting money now instead of having to wait for the NFL, NBA or MLB.”

Of course, Murray has the perspective of a former player, so he probably is a little bias, but all of his points make a ton of sense.

The old guard of college football followers and fans seem to be against paying athletes and have not supported California’s new law. If colleges were to begin paying football and men’s basketball players, then schools would run into issues of having to pay athletes in other sports as well. Then there would be debates such as how much more should a football player make than a volleyball athlete?

The Olympic model avoids all of that, as the Fair Play to Pay Act just allows players to profit off their names, images and likeness.

Listen to Murray’s entire argument for the new California law below: