Gary Andersen has had one of the most unusual careers of any recent college football coach. After turning Utah State around to an 11-2 record in 2012, he took over at Wisconsin.

Then he left … for Oregon State. That was an interesting move, to say the least. Then, when he left Oregon State 3 years later, he refused to take his buyout money.

That’s another interesting move, especially in an era in which former Texas coach Tom Herman, ex-Auburn coach Gus Malzahn and former South Carolina coach Will Muschamp are all getting massive buyouts.

But, per the Deseret News, Andersen once again turned down massive buyout money after being fired by Utah State during his second stint with the program in 2020:

He has refused to be paid the balance of his contract.

He told the school that wasn’t his style; don’t bother paying him what he is owed. He had three years left on his contract when he was fired in November 2020, at $900,000 per year.


He’s walking away from it.

This came via two sources; Andersen did not want to comment on the matter publicly.

Andersen (presumably) finishes his career with a 63-70 overall record — not bad for a guy who coached at Utah State, Oregon State and 2 years at Wisconsin.