In college football, nothing brings the takes and starts debates like rankings. Seemingly every outlet, as well as many individual reporters, like to share their own rankings on a weekly basis.

FOX analyst Joel Klatt shared his latest top 10 after the Week 4 slate came to close. Klatt takes an interesting approach with three No. 1s: Ohio State, Alabama and Clemson.

After that, he has LSU at No. 4. Klatt’s rankings of Georgia (No. 7) and Auburn (No. 10) differ from the popular polls. It’s unclear from the tweeted rankings whether Klatt is valuing eye test, resume, metrics or just going purely on feel. Auburn being at No. 10 and below two one-loss teams (Texas and Notre Dame) suggests the rankings are not based on resume. Florida, No. 9 in the Associated Press Top 25, is absent from Klatt’s top 10.

Here is Klatt’s full top 10: