With all the machinations across college sports and, in particular, college football in recent months, Fox Sports analyst Joel Klatt has raised an issue that’s been discussed before. The need for a college football commissioner.

Klatt called the college sports landscape a “disconnected framework” where those who act are rewarded, but there’s no regard for comprehensive impact or fallout.

Klatt could have been referring to a myriad of changes in college sports, from the transfer portal, to name, image and likeness, or the latest realignment move of Texas and Oklahoma working on joining the SEC. Part of the issue is there are differing laws and policies per state, and while some players look for a change of scenery, there isn’t always a spot waiting for them on the other side.

Klatt’s comments come after the NCAA Board of Governors on Friday called for a constitutional convention in November, the first step toward launching dramatic reform in how the sprawling, multibillion-dollar enterprise of college sports is governed for years to come. Even though NIL is open for business, the NCAA is still hoping federal legislation will produce a national standard for all schools, the Associated Press reported.

Stay tuned, many changes are likely coming sooner than later.