The 2019 season is now officially underway, and that means the pregame show hosts around the country are sharing their Playoff picks.

On Saturday, it was time for the FOX Sports crew to share their picks, and they all had familiar champions.

As you can see below, all five analysts picked either Alabama or Clemson to win the title this winter:

  • Urban Meyer CFP prediction — Ohio State/Oklahoma/Alabama/Clemson (title winner: Clemson)
  • Matt Leinart — Georgia/Oklahoma/Alabama/Clemson (title winner: Clemson)
  • Reggie Bush — Oklahoma/Georgia/Alabama/Clemson (title winner: Alabama)
  • Joel Klatt — Oklahoma/Georgia/Clemson/Alabama (title winner: Alabama)
  • Brady Quinn — Ohio State/Clemson/Notre Dame/Alabama (title winner: Alabama)

Will they be proven right? We’ll start finding out soon.