Week 2 of the 2016 college football season provided another glimpse at uniforms. Some programs unveiled new ones. Others modified old ones.

Here’s a look at the good, the bland and the downright ugly from Week 2.

The Good


Get used to seeing Oregon on this list. The Ducks are like a beautiful, rich woman. You’ll never see them wearing the same thing twice and everything they wear looks good.

Once again, the University of Nike had an outstanding uniform combination this weekend.

Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech’s black and grey combination looked as awesome as its early start against Tennessee on Saturday. Unfortunately for the Hokies, their performance on the field afterward missed the mark.


Pitt decided to go with the outstanding alternate uniforms shown above. It was a nice combination that provided a modern opposition to the traditional Penn State uniforms during Saturday’s win.

Texas Tech

Wreck ‘Em indeed. Texas Tech’s white and red combination was one of the best road jerseys of the past weekend.

Texas A&M

The Aggies red, white and blue to their helmets to commemorate 9/11. It was a classy touch to an already excellent uniform.

The Bland

Penn State

I’m all for tradition and there’s few programs as true to theirs as Penn State. But the white on white road uniforms are just plain boring.


While the white and gold combination may be plain, this show of respect was a pretty classy move.


These are the uniforms UCF wore during its Michigan game. Fittingly, the all-white looks like lambs going out to slaughter.

The Ugly


Once again, Maryland is the opposite end of the spectrum from Oregon. Several different alternates, all of them eyesores. Under … whelmed.


Wow. These sure are something, but not something good. At least the Orange succeeded in looking like giant oranges. So that’s an achievement, I suppose.