On Wednesday’s edition of “The Paul Finebaum Show” on the SEC Network, Georgia writer Mike Griffith explained why he doesn’t have Florida QB Kyle Trask in the top 2 of his Heisman rankings.

Let’s just say that rubbed ESPN analyst Greg McElroy the wrong way.

As you can see below, McElroy goes off on the current Heisman voting process, calling out media members like Griffith who seemingly let their biases affect their vote:

“What’s to stop a, let’s just say a local radio show host in Anderson, South Carolina, from putting Trevor Lawrence 1, Travis Etienne 2, DJ Uiagalelei 3?” McElroy asks. “What’s to stop him from doing that? … We should not have fanboy, partisan participation in the Heisman Trophy vote. It’s not exclusive to Mike (Griffith). It’s not exclusive to any part of the country. It should be a national award. The sport is no longer regional. We don’t need regional representation within the voter pool. … If you cover the sport and you cover the sport nationally, you should have a vote, because you’re seeing players in every nook and cranny of the country. That’s part of my issue.”

McElroy then goes on to rant about how defensive players like Roquan Smith and Quinnen Williams never get the appropriate amount of respect from voters.

Should McElroy be the Heisman czar? He certainly has some interesting ideas for the award.