Greg McElroy is not ready for the comparisons of the NCAA Tournament as a reason for an expanded playoff in college football.

The ESPN analyst said on his “Always College Football” podcast that the transitive property between college basketball and college football, as it relates to the postseason, does not exist. It may be tempting, but McElroy said the comparison is not there.

“The basketball tournament is not an indicator of why we need an expanded playoff, stop trying to push that narrative, it’s not a real thing,” he said. “When you start to make the point about we should expand the playoff because look at the Cinderella stories that are going to come from this upcoming weekend, stop before you get ahead of yourself. Because you and I both know that St. Peters, the St. Peters version of college football, which I’m not sure exactly who that would be, the likelihood of them really making a crazy run to the semifinals is about 0.00001%.”