In his breakdown of each division race, SEC Network analyst Greg McElroy immediately made a proclamation of the biggest game of the season.

Shortly after the new SEC schedule reveal arrived on Monday night, McElroy said the Florida-Georgia game will be the biggest because the SEC East is more of a two-horse race than the West where Alabama is a cut above the rest.

“Knowing the departures we see at LSU, the holes they’re trying to fill at Auburn, I think (Texas) A&M is still a year, maybe two, away,” McElroy said. “But in the East, man, it’s neck and neck. So to me it all comes down to Georgia-Florida or Florida-Georgia, depending on what side of the rivalry you’re on. That game is so massive and it’s been so massive the last few years. Maybe just maybe this is the year that Florida has the answers and the pieces in place to upend a Georgia team that has great talent, but still a lot of new faces they’ll be bringing in, in the first half of the season.”

Georgia has won 3 straight in the series, including last year’s game in Jacksonville, 24-17. This game, though a week later that initially scheduled, will still come following an off week for both teams.